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In addition to our Crimestoppers Safe Schools Louisiana App, which provides anonymous reporting for Louisiana campuses, we are happy to offer our Safe Schools Louisiana Program to your school complimentary. Not only are the Crimestoppers Safe Schools Louisiana presentations a courtesy, but the Safe Schools Louisiana App is also free of charge to download to any smartphone. For many schools, virtual presentations are the preferred choice during this time due to COVID restrictions, and we can provide our Safe Schools Louisiana presentations on the virtual platform your school district currently supports or through our Zoom account. The presentations will be varying lengths of time, with nothing going longer than 45 minutes.  It is our hope that teachers could use these programs to begin conversations with their students.  We will also provide a question sheet for teachers to use after the presentation, to open and continue the conversation with their students.


 Below, you will find the presentations we offer for middle and high school students. Crimestoppers staff will train your student body on how to use the Safe Schools Louisiana App as it is a valuable tool. Many of our programs and videos, will include subject matter experts, such as our partners in law enforcement to provide a deeper conversation with real life examples. Our staff will work with your school to customize the presentation to your needs when possible. We can also create a presentation that at the request of the campus. We will also highlight presentations during the year to coincide with Prevention Calendar months such as Red Ribbon Week, Awareness of Human Trafficking, Domestic Abuse Victims Awareness Month, Mental Health and Suicide prevention.

Sample presentations:


  • General Safe Schools Presentation includes drug use, suicide prevention, bullying, sexting, and dating violence. (30-45 minutes presentation)
  • Safe Schools Louisiana App Training
  • Drugs, Alcohol and Vaping: Trends and Consequences
  • How to help a Friend: Suicide prevention and self-harm
  • Helping our friends in these anxious times: Dealing with negative emotions
  • Bullying Presentation
  • Human Trafficking Presentation
  • Cyber Safety Presentation - Cyber Safety for Teens and Tweens
  • Good Citizen Presentation It’s Not Snitching: The art of saying what you know:  Empowerment from reporting
  • Bullying and Harassment: When does this cross the line and how to react and protect yourself
  • Social Media: Understanding how to be Safe Online
  • Online Gaming Safety
  • Safe Dating Relationships
  • Conversations with Law Enforcement and understanding the law
  • Staying Safe and Happy during these troubling times with COVID
  • Kindness is Kool


For more information or to schedule a presentation, please contact our offices at (504) 837-8477 or email

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