Marketing and outreach efforts directed to the student population is vital to the success of the Safe Schools Louisiana app.  According to RTI International, “students are the primary gatekeepers of information.  Educating students on how to recognize and report potential threats and risky behaviors will ensure early intervention and prevention.”

Messaging is the key to the success of the program. Students, their parents, teachers, administrators, and other school staff must each know that the Safe Schools Louisiana App is available, how to access it, and how it works. 

To create a culture of reporting within schools’ students need to first trust that:

  • The information they provide will remain anonymous
  • Each tip is taken seriously
  • Some action or change will occur as a result of the information provided

Classroom-based outreach and use of Safe Schools Louisiana materials will only enhance the value and benefits that anonymous reporting provides for early intervention and prevention.  It is recommended that schools promote Crimestoppers Safe School Louisiana through timely announcements over their public address systems at Parent-Teacher Organization/Association meetings, and in materials sent home for parent review, as well as by posting program fliers in and around school campuses. Downloadable universal fliers, activity sheets, handouts, lesson plans, business cards, and training videos will be made available to each school for distribution. Visibility should, when possible, extend beyond the school to the broader community as student safety should not end once a student leaves campus.

Marketing Materials

As a apart of the Safe Schools Louisiana marketing package, we have provided posters for you use. It is best to place posters in high traffic areas on your campus.