About our Program

Our Purpose:

The Crimestoppers Safe School Louisiana seeks to ensure that middle and high school students in Louisiana have a safe environment for studying and learning by making their school campuses safer.  

Utilizing a students knowledge is key to response and prevention, and anonymous reporting is a means of “breaking the silence”.  Anonymous reporting gives voice to students who otherwise might remain silent out of fear of retaliation or rejection.  It provides students an avenue, as well as access to address violence and to report actionable issues about school and public safety.  Our purpose is to empower and provide every student an opportunity to be voice for change!



Mission Statement

“Crimestoppers, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit serving a nine-parish region of Southeastern Louisiana. To foster a safe community, our mission is to prevent and solve crime by providing educational crime prevention programs for youth and adults, and by assisting Law Enforcement Agencies, victims of crime and their families, in identifying and arresting criminal suspects through anonymous tips by citizens.”



Crime Stoppers