Our Objectives

Crimestoppers Safe Schools Louisiana objectives are to:

  • Get Students to Report 
  • Once the information is reported, the "tip" needs to be managed
  • Students need to know that their tip was handled and receive a timely reply
  • By proper handling of all tips, the goal is to prevent incidents or crimes and to SOLVE those which remain open

How are calls triaged?

The Crimestoppers Call Center personnel are trained to vet and triage tips in the following manner:

  • Communicate directly with tipsters, anonymously, to ensure that as much relevant and pertinent information is provided or gather any potential missing information for schools and local law enforcement to action.
  •  Each tip is classified as either “Life Threatening Safety” or “Non-Life-Threatening Safety”, for ease of prioritization by tip recipients.
  • The tip is then timely delivered to the impacted school and, when needed, its local law enforcement via 911 dispatch.

How does confidentiality work?  Who is informed when a tip is received?  What information is shared? With Whom?

 The Safe Schools Louisiana reporting system is a confidential communication method in which the identity of the reporting party is protected, statutorily.  Every tip received is processed and fielded by the Crimestoppers Call Center whose personnel have been professionally trained to filter information to local law enforcement agencies, school officials and appropriate social services as needed.

How is the validity of a tip be authenticated or determined not to be a prank?

 The Safe Schools Louisiana system is an important resource for students and one that we would hope would be used responsibly.  Pranks, hoaxes or practical jokes will not be tolerated.  Anyone making a tip will be reminded that by doing so, they are personally taking a serious step which will result in a serious response by the appropriate authorities.  Our trained and professional call center personnel have the expertise to also validate reports as they are received and to determine if further action is warranted.