Crimestoppers Safe Schools Louisiana is a sophisticated anonymous reporting software, specifically developed for schools which relies on cooperation between Crimestoppers, Inc., local and regional law enforcement/social services, school administrators and the school's designated Safe School Coordinator, students, and the general community to provide a flow of information about crime and potentially dangerous situations on your campus.

Students who use this software are not required to register or provide identifying information, which provides the student tipster, anonymity. 

The Crimestoppers Safe Schools Louisiana App

Students, parents, and teachers can download the Crimestoppers “Safe School Louisiana” App in the app store to their smartphone. Next, create a password, complete the form with information about a crime or potentially dangerous situation on their school campus, add pictures and videos if applicable, and simply, "Submit" the tip. The tip is routed through P3 Campus - Anderson Software, the leading online tip solution provider, which notifies Crimestoppers as well as a school administrator. The school administrator and/or the designated school's Safe School Coordinator investigates the tip and then sends a disposition to Crimestoppers to close out the case. Tipsters are ONLY identified by their tip number which is received after the tip has been submitted. The tipster's identity is completely anonymous. 

Tipsters may also maintain a "real time" dialogue with the Call Center by leaving their chat box open.  This is critical for students who are threatening self harm or active shooters.

The Crimestoppers Call Center technicians will process tips 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  Emergency tips are a priority and a "Life Safety Process"can be implemented with designated school liaisons to ensure timely handling of these situations. 


The Online WebTip

Tipsters now have the option of giving us tips online. The process is completely secure, confidential, and anonymous and is a very effective and efficient means of safely communicating with us in today's world. Our WebTip process is powered by the world's leading online tip solution provider,  P3 Campus - Anderson Software.  

This very unique integrated Two-Way Dialogue capabilities allows the tipster to provide additional information to or about their tip at any time, and also provides a secure means for the coordinator to interact and ask questions .



The promise of anonymity for those reporting is Crimestoppers most powerful weapon in the fight against crime. Information provided to Crimestoppers is fully protected under Louisiana’s Privileged Information statue R.S. 15. 477.1 

Anonymous Tip Lines - Do They Work?

The answer is quite simply, YES. Tips from our students and schools participating in our campus program, have also resulted in arrests for weapons, planned acts of violence, drugs, assault, robbery and vandalism. Reported tips have also helped save student's lives who were actively threatening suicide or self-harm and have also resulted in countless disciplinary actions taken for bullying, sexting, assaults and other school infractions.



In 2019, research conducted by RTI International, a non-profit research institution analyzed the use of anonymous reporting technology by schools around the country and reported several perceived benefits and value:

  • 77% of schools were more aware of potential safety issues
  • 73% of schools believed reported tips helped prevent incidents of self-harm/suicide
  • 67% of schools were better able to respond more effectively to bullying
  • 56% of schools believed anonymous tips helped prevent violent incidents
  • 52% of schools believed they were better able to respond more effectively to drug use

What we DO know is that anonymous reporting, such as reporting through Safe Schools Louisiana, affords students, school resource officers/Safe School Coordinators, and other members of the community a safe, anonymous and confidential way to report a threat to an individual student or to school safety that would otherwise go unreported.  Our resource equips the proper authorities with the information needed to respond to threats and avert potential tragedy.