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National Suicide Hotline 1-800-273-8255!



Safe Schools Louisiana provides you a safe, anonymous way to help someone who may be struggling or hurting in various ways.  We want to help you learn what to look for, what to listen for, and more importantly - how to help.


It has often been said, "Strong people stand up for themselves, but stronger people stand up for others."  Safe Schools Louisiana wants every student to know – using the Safe Schools app isn't "snitching.” It's standing up for someone who cant...or won't.  Use the Safe Schools Louisiana App – or this website - to keep yourself or someone you know safe from threats, harmful behaviors or dangerous situations. These include but are not limited to:

  • Narcotics/Alcohol - possession, intent of distribution, selling or use of drugs, vaping on school campuses
  • Weapons - guns, knives and other firearms
  • Vandalism - graffiti or malicious mischief
  • Violence - gang related and individual fights, assaults and threats
  • Arson - setting fires or conspiracy to commit
  • Bombs - possession, conspiracy or false report of a bomb threat
  • Other felony crimes including robbery, theft, rape, and burglary
  • Extreme forms of bullying and threats of self harm
  • Threats of school terrorism

We need your help to improve your school, your neighborhood and your community. By submitting a report, you might help stop a discouraged or despondent friend from committing suicide, help another student off drugs, or stop a bully from harassing others at school.  Take action and be heard, anonymously!   If you have information to share, please Submit a Tip now.

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For Schools:
The Governor's Office and Louisiana State Police have partnered with Crimestoppers of Greater New Orleans to offer the Safe Schools Louisiana App to all middle and high schools throughout the state. The Safe Schools Louisiana Anonymous Reporting App, is a free resource for your school community, providing students the ability to communicate, anonymously, about a pressing school, criminal, or mental health concern or issue. 
The program works in partnership with Crimestoppers, Inc., local and regional law enforcement/social services and your designated school team to address each student's anonymous reports/concerns for appropriate action. Crimestoppers, Inc. has worked in schools within the Greater Metropolitan New Orleans area and the River Parishes since 2006 and has a proven track record of providing crime prevention training and information gathering - tip hotline!
Tips are monitored and received via the Safe Schools Louisiana App or via the website, www.safeschoolsla.com, and once vetted, the proper representatives are notified for engagement.  When there is an emergency, your Safe School team will be contacted for immediate response and intervention.  The web based platform called P3 Campus is used in over 20,000 schools and  by over 10 million students across the United States
Training and promotional materials including videos and lesson plans, will be provided electronically to each participating school utilizing the Safe Schools Louisiana Program. To learn more, please visit the Contact Us tab and email a request.


Students reported being Harassed, threatened or subjects to other forms of cyberbullying


Of school shooters told someone of their violent plans;59% told more than one person


Of people who commit suicide told someone of their plans and gave some other warning sign

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